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Web redesign and site migration

Achieve your goals and protect your assets

Web redesign and site migration

Before embarking on redesigning a website, it is useful to define the strategic directions that will determine the objectives of the new website. Redeveloping a site is not only a question of out-of-style graphics, but also the opportunity to optimize the functionality and content available to users. To identify the requirements, we can take advantage of existing web statistics, which can be complemented by online surveys on the visit goals and profiles of visitors. This can answer different questions:

  • What are the behaviors and profiles of visitors of the site?
  • How do they arrive on the site?
  • What are the most useful current functions and services?

The analysis of this information and the content inventory allows the implementation of a a strategy that meets business goals and the needs of site visitors.

It is equally important to identify which pages are ranked in search engines, those who benefit from links from external sources, those that are often shared, etc. These are all factors that impact the visibility of the site, they need to be kept.

Not taking into account existing strengths can seriously impact the traffic and SEO of the website, which goes against the whole point. Rather than starting from scratch, discarding something which took years to build, we apply steps that transfer existing benefits to the new site and guarantee its effectiveness.

Our methodology allows you to launch the redesign of your website, putting all the chances on your side to achieve your goals :

  • Respond more effectively to the needs of your visitors
  • Enhance the positive image of your company
  • Increase strategic outcomes (conversions , sales, etc.)
  • Facilitate maintenance of your content

We are at your disposal for further information on our approach to site redesign.