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Web Analytics reporting

Discover strategic information about your online activities

Web Analytics reporting

With web statistics tools, it is naturally possible to know how many visitors have come and how many pages were viewed, but information that can be exploited strategically is often more interesting and useful. This requires very good knowledge of the configuration possibilities of the tool used.

Prezenz specializes in Google Analytics. Thanks to the possibilities offered by this professional tool, we can transform your business objectives into key performance indicators (KPIs). We measure them through the activity of your visitors and customers on your website and compile a regular report providing a clear vision of the dynamics of your site that allows you to

  • understand the needs and expectations of users
  • define their behavior
  • convert more visitors into leads/clients
  • identify the most effective communication channels
  • identify areas of the website for improvement 
  • compare performance over time

In the end, information of this kind can help making business decisions based on factual information. Intelligently using the data collected on your website is like enjoying a real-time barometer that indicates the trends of your market, the results of your marketing efforts, the preferences of your audiences, the success of your products and services.

We are able to configure Google Analytics to meet your more advanced needs :

  • Integration and customization of the code
  • Creation of profiles and segments
  • Defnition of conversion goals
  • Creation of dashboards
  • Creation of custom reports
  • Analysis and recommendations

Before redesign of a website, the integration of new features or even launching a campaign, we analyze in detail the usage of the site to establish a strategy that promotes the desired results. Contact us to discuss the benefits of implementing advanced web analytics.