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Requirement Analysis

Set your goals and expectations in a web specification document

Before embarking on the design and implementation of a website, it is recommended to establish clear goals, a list of requirements and the expected results based on your your business objectives, in a web specifications document. Having a list of specifications can order developments according to their importance and thereby set priorities.

  • Operational specifications that define the objectives and the expected benefits in marketing and business terms.
  • User specifications that describe the users’ expectations and how they will interact with the proposed features.
  • Functional specifications that give details on the behavior of services, features and content to develop.
  • Qualitative specifications which indicate the characteristics of the services and features and the possible implications they may have on existing processes.

The specifications must not only list what your website will offer, but will indicate what the expected benefits are to your audiences, and more importantly, for your business. This approach helps to clarify priorities and make your web project a success.

If you have a web project, Prezenz can help you formulate the specifications.