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Personas - User Profiles

Determine the portraits of your audiences

Defining Personas (profiles of fictitious persons) is a very convenient way to ensure that the objectives of a site are met. Working with realistic visitor sheets encourages all stakeholders to take into account the needs of users at every stage of the creation and implementation of the web pages.

Establishing the fictitious persons that represent the major groups of site visitors provides answers to key questions, such as:

  • Who are our users ?
  • Why do they come to our site ?
  • How did they arrive ?
  • What are their expectations ?
  • Does our site its features and content, meets their needs ?

These profiles are based on the actual characteristics of the main groups of visitors, and on plausible assumptions about their private lives, their motivations and habits, thereby validating the site specifications :

  • Determine the marketing objectives of the site
  • Define the services and features to develop
  • Guide the copywrting
  • Establish communication strategies

We are used to defining user profiles and we use several methods to ensure they are realistic : online questionnaires, visit statistics, analysis of existing studies, reports of behavior on the web, etc. Contact us if you want to establish the profiles of your web audiences.