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Online Survey

Know your audiences

Online surveys are a great way to explore in detail the needs and expectations of your audiences (customers, prospects, partners). This information helps to better target the content and features of the site, but also to create segmentations based on their profiles. An online questionnaire is often exploited in the development of web user typologies (Personas).

Conducting a survey through the web provides several advantages :

  • More flexible to implement
  • More entries through on site invitations or by email
  • Easier to answer thanks to contextual questions
  • Faster analysis results

According to preliminary returns and lookahead results, it is easy to decide to extend (or not) the questionnaire to have enough responses in each desired audience category. The survey results are then used to answer important questions about your company, your services, your products or your customers.

Prezenz helps you define your goals and questions, implement the survey with online tools and strategically analyze the results.