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Lead Generation

Gather new qualified prospects

Lead Generation

Getting qualified leads through your website implies knowing the motivations and needs of your targets and ensuring that the pages respond effectively. Developping a strategy for lead generation often influences the entire site, as visitors usually only consult a few pages during a visit. It is important that the arguments and the main benefits are found scattered throughout the site, accompanied by hooks that encourage conversion. These actions can be of several types:

  • Subscribtion to a mailing list
  • Contact request
  • Quote request
  • Download documents
  • Consultation of exclusive content
  • Etc.

The goal is to obtain information from prospects to be able to create a dialogue that will logically lead to sales (lead maturation).

For web campaigns, applying lead generation techniques is even more important. Bringing visitors to a landing page increases the potential of conversion. Every detail is defined in this unique purpose. And most importantly, it allows you to enter in a mode where you can optimize marketing efforts :

  • Promote the channels that are most effective
  • Use the most promising messages
  • Highlight the products/services that offer the greatest potential
  • Select the most interesting geographical areas
  • Distribute and optimize communication budgets

These decisions are based on the concrete results of the objectives defined in the web analytics, the A/B testing, the dynamic content, etc.

Lead generation is certainly the main objective of your web presence and everything must be in place to allow you to generate more leads. At Prezenz, we know the techniques and tricks to gather leads and we are available to apply them to your project.