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Customer Journey

Detect the most profitable web channels for your business

Customer Journey

The analysis of the path of those who meet a defined objective on the site helps to understand what are the various factors that influence consumer decisions. In the case of a commercial site: does a customer come several times before the actual purchase? How did he find the brand/offer? Which channels were chosen to fullfill a purchase (ad, email, external site, direct visit, etc.)?

Identifying the most effective channels will help you

  • increase the effectiveness of communication methods
  • increase the performance of the pages
  • improve return on investment

Through the web statistics tool, the establishment of track points on the website and during campaigns, we can help you identify the best methods to establish your reputation, create interest and direct your visitors into a path to purchase (assisted journey). We also identify what are the penultimate points of contact used in the achievement of the objective (last interaction). The segmentation of the most important paths allows to better target efforts needed to increase the conversion rates of the site.

We are at your service to discuss the analysis of your customer paths through your web presence.