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Viral Marketing

Intensify the propagation of your messages

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can increase brand awareness through "word-of-mouth" on the web. The viral technique, or rather techniques, use the potential of electronic transmission to encourage consumers to become the messangers of the company. Properly applied, this form of communication can rapidely build a reputation by taking advantage of the ease of distribution.

Viral campaigns aim to encourage the transmission of the message and the commitment of those who will be affected. The great advantage lies in the credibility of the message. As information is transmitted by a friend or acquaintance, the feeling of being someone special works ideally and increases participation.

We can classify viral techniques into two categories:

  • Encouragment that will reward in one way or another the person who is responsible for acquiring new contacts or clients for a business. Sponsorships are the best example.
  • Recommendation that gets people  (influencers) to relay information. For this, the news must be of high quality and the first circle must feel valued with exclusive information.

Using a game or contest is usually the best way to encourage people to share information. This is often fully positive for the image of the company, because the sharing is done with people who have similar interests. It thereby:

  • quickly build your reputation
  • expand your target audience
  • increase targeted traffic to your website

carefully planning in every detail and automating the participation process minimizes campaign management and reduces the risk of losing control.

We can help you design, develop and manage your next viral marketing campaign .