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Social Media Profiles

Make your business look good on social networks

Social Media Profiles

Company profiles on social networks are part of is branding and the reputation of a company depends on the image it builds. This is done by respecting its visual identity and through the thematic of the messages that are published. The decision to go on social networks must therefore be based on achievable and measurable goals.

As everything goes very fast on social networks, it is never too late to implement a social media marketing plan that reflects the values ​​and mission of the company and defines the image that you wish to transmit. Each social channel also influences the style and tone : LinkedIn is more formal, Twitter is more for insiders, etc. Having a coherent image and discourse can

  • enhance the image of the company
  • touch an otherwise difficult to reach audience
  • promote sharing and recommendations
  • generate traffic to the website of the company
  • learning from activities and user interactions

To facilitate the acquisition of followers, we set up games and promotions (gift/discount). The goal is to rapidly transform the participation in a long-term commitment through a content strategy.

Prezenz assists you in setting up your profiles on social networks. We customize your interfaces on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. We establish with you a conversation guide as a reference for the various internal and external contributors. This document creates a consistency between your social presence and your other marketing activities. Contact us for more details on this service.