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Social Media Marketing

Promote your brand on the social web

Social Media Marketing

Consumers are very active on social networks. For businesses, this is an opportunity to establish a new type of direct relationship.

Naturally, creating interesting and relevant content requires a clear strategy and adequate resources. A Facebook page is created in 5 minutes, but the daily management and work to get "fans" require more effort. That is why it is never too late to ask the right questions:

  • What is the profile of our audience on social networks ?
  • What information (themes) will be of interest ?
  • What types of interactions do we want to encourage ?
  • What content strategies ?
  • What benefit do we expect ?

Social media can become an essential part of your marketing plan, as these networks are a great way to connect, communicate and interact with your audience. They can be utilized to find new prospects (leads), launch promotions, promote sales, etc. Direct interaction with your customers is probably one of the best methods to get information about their expectations and needs :

  • Interest in your products / services
  • Interest in your offers and promotions
  • Interest in co-creation (request for review)

This is why we apply a methodology that encompasses a broad view of expected benefits of marketing on social networks: protecting and monitoring of your brand, identifying influencers, defining the conversation to have, promoting the social profile of your company (on-site activities, contests, advertising, etc.) and generating traffic to your website.

We can show you our business guides for engagement on social media.