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Interactive games and contests

Attract the attention of your audiences and generate new contacts

Offering games and contests to create a better experience with your brand. Not only do users interact longer on a page that offers a game, but the theme can be related to your products and services. Creating a game with a design and play mode based on your benefits and strengths also increases brand awareness and positive perception of your brand.

You can also take advantage of viral opportunities. Participants can interact with their friends to increase their chances of winning, compare their results, play together as a team, etc. Winnings must naturally be in line with the complexity of the game so that the most people participate to

  • create a positive image of your brand
  • publicize your services and products
  • reach a new audience
  • retain your contacts
  • harvest qualified email addresses

The goal is to generate leads (qualified contacts) that can be exploited later. Games/contests are also one of the best ways to build a list of contacts, which will be the basis of your email marketing campaigns.

With web technologies, the same development can often run on multiple platforms and increase your opportunities to exploit the game/contest:

  • on your website
  • on your Facebook profile
  • on a mobile tablet (at an event)
  • on a terminal during an exposition

For a simple multiple-choice questionnaire or the creation and development of a more complex interactive game, we can offer creative ideas in line with your image.