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Link Building

Create an effective network on the web

Link Building

Establishing a link strategy is one of the most important factors for the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. Since the launch of Google, the algorithms of search engines favor websites that have quality inbound links as synonyms for relevance, reliability and popularity. Over time, this technique has evolved and many details must be taken into account. It is useless to want to get a maximum of external links at all costs, because many sites and directories can have a detrimental effect on your site. It is therefore essential to evaluate potential sites before launching applications for registration. We do not recommend sharing or buying links with sites that have no connection with your activities.

Steadily strengthening natural links must be part of your visibility efforts over the long term.

  • Increase the confidence index of your domain
  • Increase the value of your website pages
  • Bring more visitors directly to your site

Prezenz helps you with your visibility strategy and we are happy to share our expertise and tools for managing links, because your registration opportunities can come at any time. The interface of the Link Manager allows you to:

  • analyze existing inbound links and their value
  • identify and rank sites with potential enrollment
  • send requests and track listings
  • manage entries in a shared interface
  • control and monitor external links

We can bring you more details on this technique and the support we can offer.