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Email Marketing

Stay in touch with your customers and prospects

Email Marketing

Launch new products or services, offer a direct sales promotion, manage customer loyalty programs, or simply maintain regular contact, email marketing is one of the most effective methods to achieve your online goals.

Based on a list of qualified contacts and an intelligent segmentation, you precisely target the needs of your different audiences. Since the requested action often comes down to a click on a link (to arrive on a special landing page), the return is generally better than for other marketing solutions. Using emailing as a communication tool, you benefit from

  • reduced production costs (compared to traditional methods)
  • greater responsiveness (production time)
  • targeting specific messages through segmentation
  • a positive image for those on your list
  • the ability to customize the messages to generate more attention
  • accurate analysis of the results with web analytics

Efficiency is directly related to the contact database and it is better to focus on quality than quantity. If you do not have a contact list to start with , we can help you build it using the various opportunities offered by web marketing: participation in a game/contest , download of a document/report, sharing with a friend, subscription to aservice, etc.

Several possibilities exist to benefit from email marketing. A newsletter can be built automatically from the news published on your website or social profile through the the site management tool. The content can also be customized according to the segmentation defined in your contact database. Email alerts are used to provide exclusive offers (events, special sales, important news, etc.).

Automatic messages sent by your website should also be fine-tuned. Eamil activation, confirmation, welcome , etc., which often provide a standard text, are also opportunities to sell the benefits of your products and services.

Sending emails is fraught with obstacles, it must be ensured

  • that the layout remains correct in the multitude of email clients (including mobile)
  • that the message is understood even if the images are not displayed
  • the distribution passes spam filters
  • the reputation of the sender is not affected

We manage all aspects of email marketing and we will be happy to discuss with you.