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Search Advertising (Adwords)

Touch your prospects at the right time

Search Advertising (Adwords)

In the field of web communication, PPC (Pay-per-Click), or CPC (Cost-per-Click) or SEA (Search Engine Advertising), including Google Adwords campaigns, are very effective. Not only do you pay only if the visitor clicks on your ad, but it is possible to specifically target the interests of your audiences and accurately match ads to your services and/or products.

A number of reasons make Adwords campaigns so effective :

  • The ads are relevant to the search made ​​by the consumer
  • The ads are text, which is synonymous with credibility among consumers
  • Ads can include a concrete offer to grab attention

This efficiency is also reflected by the installation of landing pages that will favor decisions by the consumer (conversion techniques). Measuring and analyzing results also allows a continual improvement of campaigns. The ads, as well as the pages of the site, can be tested and optimized at all times.

For your business , the benefits are many:

  • Rapid implementation (whereas an organic SEO strategy takes time)
  • Positioning of your brand on a variety of keywords, and in several regions/countries/languages
  • An increase in qualified visitors and conversions on the site
  • Flexible management of budgets to meet your goals

Even with search engine optimization (SEO), it is not possible to be on the front page for all the interesting keywords or in all markets. Adwords campaigns thus allows an ideal complement to your SEO strategy.

With our experience in PPC advertising campaigns, we are ready to advise you on the best strategies to implement.