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A/B & Multivariate Testing

Identify your site's successful elements

What are the elements of a web page that are more efficient to optimize conversions? Rather than relying on personal judgment, it is more efficient to let the users specify what works best. Each details of a web page, such as the title, the image, the action button, commercial offers, etc.., can be tested. The goal is to find out which version will generate the highest conversion rate (defined as objectives in the site’s statistics tool).

Implementing tests is especially useful for the landing pages of your online campaigns. You have to be as efficient as possible on the first visit.

The two common methods are :

  • A / B Testing : This approach tests a component (A) against another version (B) to determine the impact of this variation on the results. This is the ideal technique for fast answers.
  • Multivariate testing (MVT) : This approach is to test several elements of the same page in various combinations to identify the most effective versions . This requires a larger sample of visitors than A/B Testing.

Prezenz helps you define what to include, to perform the tests and evaluate the results. The aim is also to develop this practice when it comes to making strategic choices.

Contact us for more information on these methods and the benefits that you can expect.