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Web Marketing Courses

Consolidate your knowledge in the techniques of web marketing

The possibilities of web marketing are evolving rapidly and it is not always easy to follow new technologies and incorporate new jargon. Passionate about this media, we love to share knowledge and give the keys to better understand the issues of web marketing for companies.

To meet the needs of our customers in this area, we have implemented a number of training courses in the field of web marketing and communication:

  • Web Marketing: how to establish a dialogue with your customers?
  • Web communication: how to integrate internet in your communication ?
  • Web SEO: how to increase your visibility and notoriety?
  • Adwords: how to target your audiences and their interests?
  • Web copywriting: how to attract and retain visitors?
  • Web conversions: how optimize campaign results?
  • Web analytics: how to measure and analyze user behavior?
  • Emailing: how to maintain contact with your audiences?
  • Web usability: how to improve the user experience?
  • Social Media: how to develop communities?

Each theme, through a short training course, is reserved for our customers and can be adapted to your needs. The complete course (10 half-days) is given in the context of web training at the Cadschool school in Geneva and courses are validated by exercises and questionnaires. Do not hesitate to contact them to sign-up.