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Quality Assurance tests

Confirm your online services and features

Quality tests are an essential part of website development. This includes code validation to ensure its performance, verification of the rendering in different browsers, internal and external link checking, and so on. Validation systems are defintely part of the web quality management.

These tests are based on our checklists and are made manually, semi-automatically or automatically. For the tests which require tools to be run, the interpretation of results is always done by a specialist to avoid biased interpretations and/or to relativize the significance of these results.

Detect and prevent errors - including human - ensures the required level of quality for the site. The advantages are obvious :

  • Facilitates consultation by users
  • Ensures compatibility of developments
  • Optimizes SEO
  • Avoids the cost of corrections

We use many tools and techniques to verify the quality of all aspects of the sites. If you’re interested, please contact us for more information.