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Domain Name Management

Protect your brand on the web

Domain names are the backbone of internet activities and are an integral part of a company’s branding strategy. You should therefore not underestimate the marketing importance when choosing the name and its the reservation as well as alternatives. It is recommended to protect your domain by booking different generic combinations (.com, .org, .biz , etc .), countries (.ch .fr .de, etc .) and variants (with or without hyphens, for example). The costs are much higher if a company wishes to recover a domain using his name, but recorded by someone else.

Prezenz helps you with all aspects of domain name management;

  • Search for potential names (variants, availability)
  • Usage recommendations (single, multiple by market, etc..)
  • Reservations and renewals of domains
  • Tips and steps to redeem existing domains

We know the importance of managing and protecting one’s brand through domain names and we will gladly advise you in this area.