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Web best practices

Ensure the best quality for your web project

Following good practices is recommended for web projects, because they allow to save time and ensure that the site meets the needs as defined at the start of mandate. Good practices cover a whole range of recommendations, from simple, such as "visually differentiate content links " to more technical, such that "enable compression of textual content to reduce bandwidth".

These practices affect all areas of website development (ergonomics, performance , accessibility, etc.) and they often apply to several areas simultaneously. At Prezenz, we combine them as checklists before, during and after the launch of a website or a campaign.

Monitoring these checklists ensures a quality process for your web project, which may be called "sustainable development" :

  • Ensure the inclusion of all details
  • Ensure the reduction of potential errors
  • Ensure checks at various stages of the project
  • Ensure future developments

This can also facilitate a process of gradual improvement: to set goals or as simple improvement levers in a more global approach.

If you want to know more about our process and the integration of web best practices, do not hesitate to ask us.