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Website Performance

Accelerate the viewing of your pages

With the progression of the mobile web (tablets, smartphones), the loading speed of a website is still important. But even with faster internet connections, a website that displays quickly has a greater chance of success.

Studies show that mobile users, even if they are aware that the mobile connections are slower, have little patience and conversion rates drop if lower speed occurs on a site. At the same time, who would wait 20 seconds if the site of the competition responds in 4 seconds?

Optimizing site performance is very important, not only to meet the expectations of your users, but also to improve its SEO ranking, as the speed criterion is considered by Google to judge a site.

A fast website

  • offers a better user experience
  • inspires confidence and professionalism
  • increases conversions
  • consumes fewer resources

Prezenz is particularly attentive to performance issues, and is happy to answer your questions if you’re interested.