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Web Hosting

Protect the availability of your services online

We work with partners in Switzerland that offer excellent service and offer all the guarantees of reliability, network availability and data backup.

As an additional guarantee of service, Prezenz has implemented additional backups of your data on another network with the history of changed files, the first being the database. Server and databse availability is checked every 15 minutes (monitoring) and we are notified in case of problems (alerts via email, SMS and ringing in the office).

We also maintain on our servers, development and test environments for validation of all the features of each site before opening to the public.

Depending on your needs, we help you to setup not only hosting, but also the management of your domain names (DNS) and emails.

Depending on the level of service required for the site (data protection and control, installation of special applications, etc.), we recommend the hosting solution for you: shared (with others on the same server), virtualized (private space on a shared server) or dedicated (full server).

We listen to understand your hosting needs for your website or web application.