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Web Form

Simplify complex requests

Forms are an essential part in web design and development. Whether it’s a simple contact form or an order form in several stages, a logical layout and ease of use have a direct impact on the number of contacts, sales, registrations that your site will generate. Forms must be carefully constructed and able to respond to key questions:

  • Is the form simple to use?
  • Are all potential blocking factors been identified?
  • Have all types of error messages been taken into account?
  • Are the words and phrases used understandable?
  • Is the data saved?

Creating forms often needs a dedicated process, because many factors come into play : user habits, structure and logical grouping of requested information, error management and success confirmations. This is a job that is worthwhile, because having an accessible and user friendly form guarantees that the site will meet its objectives in terms of conversion rates.

If you want more information on forms or if you need advice on this subject, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you on this point.