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Web Analytics Configuration

Get strategic information on your website

The implementation of the tracking code traffic on a site is, a priori, very simple. But if you want to provide relevant and useful information for your business and your marketing objectives, it is necessary to customize the installation and configuration code.

The first step is to define the rules and methodology to be applied, which will lead to an integration guide. This ensures that the technical configuration of the site (URL rewriting) and the customization of the tracking code will:

  • Facilitate the creation of segments and profiles
  • Facilitate the definition and monitoring of objectives
  • Facilitate the monitoring of campaigns
  • Facilitate the analysis of online sales

The second step is the implementation of reports and dashboards. Advanced configuration allows you to receive more critical data that will help you develop success indicators (Key Performance Indicators) and thus provide elements for strategic decision making.

Prezenz as a Google Analytics expert, knows the possibilities for customization of the tool and we would be happy to share this experience with you.