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Web Accessibility

Simplify the access to your content

Web Accessibility

Providing access to information for all is part of the best practices in implementing a government website. More and more companies also incorporate the concept of accessibility for people with visual or motor impairments.

To achieve an accessible website, you need to consider a multitude of criteria that are part of a collection of best practices. The first step is to define the desired accessibility level according to standards established by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the W3C. The current standard is WCAG 2.0 that comes on 3 levels.

The first level (A) is what should be implemented to allow a webste to be accessed by people with disabilities to consult. The second level (AA) is a more comfortable consultation. The third level (AAA) is the optimal comfort for people with disabilities, but also implies limitations in terms of technical and graphics capabilities.

Making your website accessible brings several advantages:

  • The site is easily available to people with disabilities
  • The site is particularly ergonomic, so easy to use
  • The site is automatically optimized for search engines

We can analyze existing sites to assess the effort required to achieve the different standard levels of compatibility and we can create a site that meets the various criteria of accessibility. Contact us for more details.