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Online Payment Solutions

Safely enjoy impulse buying

Payment on the internet is very convenient, both for the consumer and the merchant. Often offering this kind of payment solution encourages impulse purchases by users. It is also a guarantee for both parties that the sale is correctly processed. For this, as there is still resistance to the use of credit cards on a website, it is very important that the payment process has all the guarantees for establishing buyer trust (secure server, accreditation badges, explanation of steps, etc.).

An online payment solutionmis not reserved only for e-commerce solutions. If you sell subscriptions or services, offering your customers to pay the bill directly on a secure platform is very convenient. In this case, we develop systems to manage the validation of invoices linked to your ERP or CRM solutions.

Accepting online payments has several advantages:

  • Reduces processing and management costs
  • Guarantees payments (validation)
  • Provides a professional image
  • Increases sales through impulse buying

We work with different transaction providers (Saferpay, Datatrans, PayPal, etc.) to offer you the best solution for your needs. We can assist you in the process of obtaining the necessary accreditations for online credit card payments. We are at your disposal to share information on these solutions.