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Front-end development

Ensure compatibility of your web interfaces

Front-end development, also called front-office development, englobes everything that appears in the browser: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. It is so called in opposition to back-end development, including the CMS, the management interfaces of the site, server configuration, etc.

This is one of the key areas in the creation of a website, especially in  the development of responsive mobile sites. Good technical knowledge ensures that the site will function properly in the main web browsers while respecting web standards. The subjects and skills that are needed are numerous and interrelated:

  • HTML / CSS integration
  • Accessibility management
  • JavaScript development
  • Cross-browser and multidevice compatibility
  • Display performance
  • Responsive site management

With the renewal of browser versions, the possibilities of the front-end development are in constant evolution and require sustained monitoring, to ensure the quality of web sites. It also helps to promote the success of the site into other areas of activity such as web SEO techniques (search engine optimization), accessibility for people with disabilities, etc.

Prezenz is passionate regarding the evolution of opportunities for the display of websites and it is a subject we discuss with pleasure given its importance in the development of websites.