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E-commerce Solutions

Sell ​​effectively online

E-commerce Solutions

Online sales is a huge boom to many companies that can increase their customer base and sales without opening new point of sales. There is evidence that the ability to purchase online influences store visits and vice versa, because consumers favor both methods. Having an online store provides many advantages:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Rapid opening of new markets
  • 24/7 availability
  • Easy start (development opportunities)
  • Cost reduction (stocks, shelf space)
  • Effective stock management

The best e -commerce solution is one that is organized around the profiles of your customers. Instead of promoting a standard shop which presents all items in the same way, we advocate an approach that takes into account your product types and sales process, but also the expectations and needs of your different consumers . The functionalities to implement are designed in terms of the process :

  • Selling a limited range of products for which ease of purchase is paramount
  • Multiproduct sales by category which requires logical organization and consultation

But also:

  • The occasional customer who needs simple steps to complete his order while gradually discovering all the benefits
  • The regular customer who can identify and order according to their purchase history

We must also think of the possibilities of additional sales (complementary products), promotions, discount codes, etc., which are used according to your goals and means. These selling techniques are more effective in a shop organized around the needs of clients.

Trust is very important to consumers. Critical information, such as a physical contact point, warranty and return policy, shipping costs and the security of the transaction (online payment), as well as the privacy policy should appear as soon as possible in the steps.

Just because a shop is launched des not mean that buyers will come. This is why we take into account all the requirements of visibility and promotion, starting in the specifications phase, to make your marketing campains as efficient as possible.

The implementation of e-commerce analysis also gives accurate sales volume per channel and thus validates the various communication strategies. Through the integration of statistics markers, we can be more precise in the analysis of results and determine the best segments, based on customer paths throughout the online store.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your online sales opportunities.