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Clearly define your interactive functions and services

Wireframes are the layouts in black, white and gray that define the placement of page elements, such as navigation, action and content areas. The absence of any consideration of web design (which causes judgments of taste) allows us to focus on ergonomics and the marketing objectives of the site.

This is an important step in the process of making a website. We are more efficient and save time during the phases of creation and programming. The truly critical aspects ave been thought through and the wireframes of the pages act as a guide and specifications for designers and developers, as the essential points have been reviewed, discussed and approved together.

Working with this method provides many advantages:

  • Clarifys the site’s features
  • Takes into account every detail
  • Encourages usability
  • Promotes conversion goals
  • Saves time on the project

Depending on the project, wireframes can be more or less complete. For registration or online ordering steps, the sequence, the fields to enter and their use are precisely defined, which avoids inconsistencies during development. These sketches are also used as part of a prototype (simulation of functions for performing user tests).

Creating wireframes at the beginning of the project is part of our work process. This is an iterative way to proceed. All members of the project team give their advice on the feasibility of features at this stage. It also clarifies the objectives of the site to save time on the entire project.

We are at your disposal to explain in more detail our work processes to achieve effective websites.