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Web Design

Win over your visitors at the first contact

A good web design must be multifunctional. It should ensure consistency across all communication platforms used by the company (website, social profile, online advertising and promotion). The visual aspect will set the tone, the style and the narrative to the identity of the company. The specifics of the web are equally important and should be included early in the design with usability rules, conducting wireframes, taking into account technological possibilities, etc.

It is for this reason that web design should include

  • the brand identity and respect for the charter
  • the positioning and corporate image
  • the business goals of the site

But it must also include the strategic aspects that will facilitate

Often, a website does not have the right to a second chance. The first impression that visitors will have of your website is the most important. This is what will influence their desire to continue to discover your content and services. The web design must seduce, suggest, persuade and tell a story that highlights the specificity of your company and its differentiation vis-à-vis the competition.

At Prezenz, each participant is aware of all the important aspects of web design, because by taking into account all these details, we make a difference in terms of success and longevity of the sites we develop. Let us show you our process.