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Usability Testing

Improve the effectiveness of your web content

Usability Testing

To meet its strategic objectives, a website must take into account the needs of its users, both in terms of content, navigation and graphics. Most visitors have neither the time nor the desire to understand a new logic of consultation. This is what we call usability and which aims to:

  • Remove the confusion in the minds of users
  • Remove the frustration of users

To identify ergonomic problems, but also issues of comprehension of the services offered, a user test is always very helpful. The identified obstacles, and the video recording of the paths of those tested, are used to raise awareness of all stakeholders implementing the site.

A user test must be perfectly prepared and documented with clearly defined objectives. The goal is not to judge the design, but the effectiveness of its elements. It is first to to know if users can accomplish a given task, and second to analyze several other issues such as : What are the preferred navigation paths ? How long does it take to reach a goal? What elements or contents create confusion ? What information is missing ? Etc.

Good ergonomics makes users feel confident with the impression of being in control, leaving them with a positive note of their visitor experience. This gives input to achieve the goals of the website.

  • Consumers find what they are looking for
  • Consumers understand the products/services offered
  • Consumers perform the desired actions

And often it is not navigation issues that emerge, but elements describing the services or products which hitherto seemed "obvious" .

If you want to increase the results of your business objectives, we can discuss the implementation of a user test.