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Card Sorting/Tree Testing

Define the best structure for your website

Card Sorting is a method to identify the best content organization of a site based on feedback from typical users. Unlike a user test, this research is often conducted in group, in a friendly manner, since the sharing of experiences and habits is important. The aim is to logically classify the content. The users have cards or post-it notes to consolidate information into groups that are familiar.

This exercise helps to discover some useful information to implement the architecture and navigation :

  • How do users gather information?
  • Is this grouping similar among users?
  • How many potential categories were found?
  • What are the names of these categories?

There are two methods of card sorting:

  • Open Method : users are asked to sort the cards according to their own logic by creating and naming groups.
  • Closed method : users classify the cards into predefined groups corresponding to an existing site structure.

Another technique, Tree Testing, is similar to the closed method, but in reverse. In this case, users are asked to perform tasks via a navigation path (to achieve this goal , first I click here, ... ).

Prezenz has experience in the use of these methods to define the structure of a website and we would gladly discuss the relevance of using card sorting as part of your web project.