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Convert Find new customers by promoting contact requests

Your website should not be built around the needs of your business, but those of your customers. As a leading marketing tool, each page of your website should be thought as a conversion path. The contacts that you make through your website often are your future customers.

Your content must meet the objectives of your company, but also the needs of your visitors and facilitate their visit experience with calls to action such as:

  • Contextualized contact requests (based on the contents displayed)
  • Downloading of extra information
  • Documentation requests
  • Consultation of certain key pages / information
  • Using a comparison or products selection module, ...
  • Participation in a game, contest, quiz, etc.
  • Buying products online

To increase the conversion rate of these actions, the most effective way is to carry out tests on key pages. Different techniques can be used, such as A / B Testing , analysis of abandon rate (analytics) or a user test. Establishing these "conversion" reflexes also improves the process of optimizing content for customer loyalty.

If you think your website should be your best seller and an integral part of your marketing strategy, contact us to discuss in detail.