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Web Style Guideline

Ensure the consistency of your website

A website style guide is the document that accompanies web copywriting. It is the ideal solution to garanty the respect of your brand identity and ensure the professionalism and consistency of your website. This document lays out the rules, standards and conventions to follow throughout the site, including the writing style, how to write acronyms, abbreviations, date formats, and so on.

This is particularly useful when several people, internal or external to your company, are involved with the content, especially when it is weeks or months after the initial implementation of the web pages.

The aim of the guide is to facilitate the work of writers, translators and proofreaders, who can focus on the important aspects of the information to communicate, in accordance with a predefined style, without wasting time with formatting choices. This is what guarantees the consistency of your site.

The web style guide

  • facilitates the preparation of content
  • simplifies site maintenance
  • supports the marketing objectives of the company
  • provides a professional image of the site

At Prezenz, the guides are part of our standard procedure, aiming to facilitate and accelerate the work between the different actors. We will share the web style guide model to meet your needs.