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Site Management

Easily manage any type of web content

Site Management

For the updating of strategic content to be as efficient as possible, we recommend the development of contribution interfaces taylor made to your work process. These web forms, that interact with the databases, can dynamically publish any type of important information: news, events, promotions, addresses, customer profiles, lists of services, etc. The presentation of this information can be customized at will (by categorization, by date or based on any other business rule).

These dynamic developments are often complementary to the content management system (CMS) and are integrated as additional modules.

The operation is simpler than a CMS, because the interfaces are built around your needs and information. Editing is done by filling in fields and selecting display options. This approach offers several advantages:

  • Contextual display since the rules are defined in advance
  • Greater responsiveness thanks to the ergonomics of the interface
  • Risk management by reducing the possibility of error
  • More consistent image based on a predefined layout

With management interfaces, many things that you need to regularly produce can be automated. For example, the scaling of images at the time of publication, the automatic generation of PDF documents with data stored in a database, the specific information visualization for a category of visitors, the displaying of content in a certain date.

These custom developments will offer you all the necessary interactivity to meet the objectives of your website and to ensure optimal management over the long term.

Request examples of our achievements to get an idea of the advantages .