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Local SEO

Touch the leads in your area, your city

The results of search engines are localized depending on the region or city of users*. This offers interesting possibilities for SEO for local businesses or businesses that have offices or stores in several cities. Consumers are also looking for services and products closer to home and the traffic generated by local searches is usually more effective in terms of sales and contact requests.

Building localized SEO brings concrete results :

  • Strengthens trust in the brand, because it is at the top of the results, synonymous with credibility
  • Attract highly qualified visitors to the site because they are in the same city/region
  • Increase conversions, as consumers are more likely to favor companies close by

To facilitate local ranking of your site, we apply SEO techniques, with a particular focus on the identification of addresses by search engine robots and enhanced use of the names of cities in content. We verify and supplement listings of your company in business directories, sector directories, guides, maps, etc. We monitor mentions, comments and opinions, as they are also linked to the popularity of your brand, and by extension your site.

We are at your disposal to make an assessment of the potential of local SEO for your business.

* The results also become increasingly personalized in accordance with the search history of the user or of his contacts on social networks.