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Content Management System (CMS)

Update your content autonomously

Content Management System (CMS)

For a website to be reactive and always up to date, it is important to have available maintenance solutions. The content administration can be done through a content management system (CMS), in which you edit and publish the pages, or through contribution interfaces that manage dynamic content. Often the best solution integrates both options.

A CMS allows you to administer a website without technical knowledge. Publishers can access the pages through a web browser without the need to go into the code to make changes. Modules can extend the functionality of the site to include discussion forums, FAQs, photo galleries, etc. Using a CMS offers

  • greater autonomy
  • improved responsiveness
  • access for several publishers
  • budget savings

This solution provides a gain of time and energy for people in charge of editing the site. The various administrative interfaces are easy to use because publishers only focus on the main content without having to worry about navigation.

By separating content and form, and applying editing rules, updating text does not affect the layout of the site and ensures consistency of presentation in the long term. It also facilitates webdesign adaptations as it is not necessary to touch the existing content.

The content management systems facilitates the communication of your business, either through your website or your intranet / extranet. The best CMS is the one that is adapted to your needs and does not require your editors to comply with complex inerfaces. You must also be able to add functionality without needing to make major changes in the tool configuration.

At Prezenz, we have extensive experience in the development of solutions that meet the needs of businesses. Contact us to discuss your needs in this area.